Monday, January 28, 2013



Bread...who doesn't LOVE it?! Hot...buttered... cold...toasted. With jelly...cream cheese...butter. Or with fresh garden tomatoes, turkey & cheese. Geez! It think it has to be one of America's (and beyond) favorite comfort foods. 

Why can't we eat it everyday and not gain any weight?! I know...they have all this healthy stuff. Paleo bread, Atkins bread, less carb, no fat...whatever. Let's just have some bread!

Must be the Coffee Talkin'...

So tonight while cleaning up the kitchen after grocery shopping I was putting fresh bananas in a bowl and looked down in the bottom to find some not so pretty. Well...I could have peeled those suckers and put them in the freezer for Caleb to use in his Yonanas machine.
If you don't know what this's an amazing little machine that some wonderful ingenious lady came up with...I mean, why can I think of these things?! She's probably a millionaire now! Gosh. Anyhow you put frozen fruit of any kind through this contraption along with a frozen banana and you have a very healthy dessert. It is really good. You can pick one up at Target. :)

Oh where was I...? Oh yes, the bananas. So instead of freezing them I decided some banana BREAD would be great! So I whipped all the ingredients out (poor hubby got home and had to wait for dinner because I was baking...sheesh) was pouring it into the pan and decided there just wasn't enough sugar...HA!

I added a "healthy dose" of cinnamon and sugar in the middle and added more to the top. Banana bread will never be the same in our house. Just use your favorite recipe and add a little sugary goodness.

And...make sure and have a cup of coffee with it! 

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  1. Looks delicious, Cindy! I've sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top of zucchini bread before (well, and dusted the greased pan with it, too, but who's counting?) and it turned out great. I'll have to try that trick on the banana bread next time...after a very long walk as penance!