Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thunder & Lightning

Rain, rain, rain...that is how our new year is starting out here. It makes me want to stay in my jammies all day, drink coffee and bake something sweet.  NOT a good way to start the year. UGH!
It's supposed to be more something like this...

 Have you ever tried this DVD?! My girls got it for me a few Christmases ago and I have never made it past disc 1. Sad. Altho' I do console myself with the fact that the lovely Julian Michaels has never givin' birth to four children. It's not working is it? Oh yes...IF I worked out for 8 hours a day making videos and IF I had a personal chef watching what I put in my mouth every day...THEN I might look like this. So...I will continue to walk and eat as healthy as possible, but still enjoy...

Warm coffee cake on a cold rainy, thunder and lightning day!  :)

AND a cup of coffee to go with...

After all...the coffee made me do it! 

Less stress this way. haha

So hang post is about thunder and lightning, not wonderful cake and coffee.

As I was trying to be a good wife and iron my husbands shirts for the week (I used to take them to the dry cleaners, but he doesn't like how they come out smelling...why can't they throw some downy in there?!) I was walking by our back window and saw a huge flame of fire not too far from us! My heart stopped and I froze! After un-freezing myself (if that's a word) I ran to the closet and hung up the shirts...because that was the most important, right? Ha! Then yelled at Jess to come see the fire...then thought I should call 911!...then heard the firetrucks...then ran for my camera. Whew! Need more coffee...

Come to find out later that the house was struck by lightning! (yes, I'm talking Tom into a lightning rod...because we got damage a few months back). We drove by the house last night after Bible study and there were still big trucks out there trying to get things cleaned up. (Not the trucks...the people driving the trucks...Sheesh!) The house looked so bad...I just felt awful...weird too, it was a single story home surrounded by two stories. How does the lower one get hit?! I might need to google this...

So...if you would just send a prayer up today for our neighbors. They are hurting from the devestation to their home and they lost their beloved family pet, a dog named Shelby. We are just thankful that no one was home and hurt. It is going to take some time to re-build...the community is taking care of their immediate needs, but the family has requested prayer. Thank you for doing this!

These pictures were taken after running for my camera and changing the lens...when I first saw the flames they were taller than the houses around it.

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  1. How sad! Did Tom say yes to a lightening rod? I hope so.

    P.S. Did you start working out yet? ;-)