Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Decor part 1

Taken from the hallway where the laundry room, butler's pantry & walk-in pantry are located. Leads to the kitchen & garage.

Since we have a lot of family that doesn't live close by and get to visit our new home...I decided to post some pics from around the house.  Don't look too will find a vacuum, shoes and possibly dogs. Haha!  Some are too dark, but bear with me...I'm STILL trying to figure out my camera.  Man these things are complicated!  But I digress...  I will post more, but for today it is mainly the front of the house...  Enjoy!  A few more days until I start decorating for Christmas!  *sigh...

Dining Room from hallway

Another angle from Hallway.

Front Door

Front door and part of the "Reading Room"...theres my shoes!  LOL

A little further in the hallway.

In the hallway...the hallway is about 24' from the front door to the living area...yep, I measured! :-) A booger to decorate!

Fall table decor.

To the left of the dining table.

The reading room...looking for some "comfy" furniture for this room.

Close up of part of the bookcase.

Hallway to the right leads to the boy's bedrooms and a bathroom. The clock looks really small in this person it works.  :-)

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  1. Oh, wow, it's the reading room for me! Hope you find that comfy furniture soon!

  2. Your home is beautiful! Looks like straight out of Better Homes & Gardens. :) And.... I agree with Jacqi - the reading for me as well! Looking forward to pics of that room with the "comfy" furniture - and looking forward to more pictures of your home.

  3. Thanks Jacqi & Susan! It's so hard to find something when it's in your mind and not in your budget. LOL It will happen someday...