Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quote for the day

I love this.  I may need to make a sign for my kitchen. warms the heart.

I started drinking coffee many years ago and always puts LOTS of sugar and flavors in it.  Now, I have a Nespresso machine and just love the way that the coffee ends up with a slight foam all over the top.  Then, I add some half & half to my nespresso foamer and pour that on the top so I have a mound on the top like a fluffy cloud of yumminess! (and yes, I have a cup next to me as I type this).  I can't quite remember when I stopped using sugar.  It's just not as enjoyable to me anymore as the rich flavor of the coffee.  Maybe it's my age.

I do enjoy the flavors of fall at Starbucks now though.  The pumpkin spice is my fav right now, but all time best is the gingerbread.  I don't think it comes out until after Thanksgiving.  I do order it with half the amount of syrup.  The almond joy creamer that you can buy in your dairy section is really good too!  I have a slight coconut obsession.

There is just something about meeting up with a friend or hanging out at home with family... a cup of coffee brings you together...holding a warm mug in your hands...making holiday plans...or just catching's the coffee talkin'.
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  1. One thing I can say about a coffee shop over a restaurant for meeting friends: you can't linger over a restaurant table (with a frazzled waitress) for quite as many hours as you can over a cup of coffee at a coffee shop!

    Cindy, you haven't been here in town for years (I think) but my fav coffee place right now is Peets. There is an outdoor seating area that is beautifully landscaped, so pleasant...just right for spending some time talking with friends. If you ever get back out this way...

    1. Sounds awesome! Would LOVE to sit and have coffee with you. Maybe one day...

  2. Perfectly described, Cindy!
    And Jacqi hit the nail on the head when she mentioned Peet's! Much better than Starbuck's, but can't always be found. Actually, Starbuck's is my last resort when I want coffee. Wherever I go I always look for something OTHER first. Lol.

    Maybe some day, all three of can meet for a cup of coffee together. ;-) Love you ladies. :D