Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Decor Part 2

Here are a few more pictures before all the Christmas comes out! Starting tomorrow... I sounds early to get started on Christmas, but I do more than one tree and I am having the church Ladies Ornament exchange at the beginning of December I gotta get busy!  :-) Hope you all are having a wonderful Fall so far! Don't forget to change you clocks this weekend!

 This is in the entrance to the living room...

 The living room...I love that there is just one living area...that means we are all together!  :-)

 From the kitchen...

 On my buffet that Tom bought me when we moved fave piece in the house a the moment...can't wait to decorate it for Christmas since it is red!  :-)

 Looking out the back's a little dark, but the sky was looking so pretty at sunset.

Where we eat ( I think we have had one meal in the dining room) room to the left...pool table and my computer in there. Will get some pictures of the kitchen when it is clean. HA!
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  1. What a beautiful, cozy home you have, Cindy! Makes me want to come visit! ;-) ♥Tena

    1. Come! That would be can teach me to cook! ;-)