Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Oma!

Last week was my husband's grandmother's birthday.  We lovingly call her Oma.  So why do a post all about your Oma...?  She just turned 97!  Whew...I only hope to be as spunky as her when I am her age.  Her body might not be keeping up, but my goodness...the mind is full speed ahead!  I don't think she has ever forgotten anything...EVER.  She always has a laugh, loves her family and friends and one most dear to my heart...the LOVE of coffee!  Haha...yes, I am being silly, but seriously this is about the only thing she likes to drink.  We get on to her to get some water down once in awhile...she doesn't like it.  :-) her honor I am posting a few pictures from last year when Tom and I were visiting her for her special day and some flowers we took her.  Also, including some fun facts from 1915.  Enjoy!!!

 Tom and his Oma...look at those smiles!

Flowers for her birthday 2011 at 96 years old.

 1915 Emblem Twin...LOVE the color!

 February 1915 cover of Vanity Fair

Some "Fun Facts"...

*US President:  Woodrow Wilson
*US Vice President:  Thomas R. Marshall
* Albert Einstein proposes a new theory on gravity.
* The 1 millionth Ford automobile rolls off the assembly line.
*US population:  100,546,000
* Federal spending:  $0.75 billion
*Unemployment: 8.5%
*Average Income (year): $1,076.00
*New Car (average): $500.00
*Gas/gallon: 8 cents
*Loaf of Bread: 7 cents
*Pound of Coffee: 30 cents
*Pound of Butter: 36 cents
*Quart of Milk: 9 cents
*Pound of Sugar: 7 cents

And new in 1915...

*Kraft processed cheese
*Raggedy Ann

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  1. I remember meeting "Oma". :) What a treasure - and 97 - WOW !!!! Interesting facts regarding 1915. I found it very interesting that unemployment was the same that Obama claims now. - But at the income listed, I'm sure these prices seemed steep to them.

    Thanks for sharing!